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After the passing of your estranged Great Uncle, you're surprised to find yourself listed as the sole heir to his estate.  With all the legal unpleasantness out of the way, you're now on your way to your new home. 

Not sure what to expect when you arrive, you don't know if you're going to sell the mansion or live there, but once you step inside your entire world changes when you are suddenly faced with the fact that you now own two slave girls. 

What do you do with them?  Do you follow in your Great Uncle's footsteps and use them for your own pleasure?  Do you treat them like servants?  Or do you nurture a relationship with them that just might blossom into something more, . . .


There are three versions of the game and I use an early access system related to releases.

The free version of the game is updated any time a new pay version is released and is a single build behind the pay version at any given time.  I encourage everyone to try this version first, then only purchase the early access versions if you have enjoyed the game and want to show a bit of support for the project.

The early access version of the game always includes the newest content for the game.  Any time a new build is made available for this group, the old build becomes the new free version.

The cheat build of the game.  This version of the game includes all of the same content as the early access version but with the added bonus of being able to manipulate relationship stats and skill values at will.


You can follow all of my work through my Patreon page.  I make regular releases to all of my projects and progress reports are available to everyone.



Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Inheritance A34b.zip 140 MB
Inheritance A35a.zip 142 MB
Inheritance A35aCHEAT.zip 142 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more


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If you set a name and go through the intro after telling them to call you by it, I'm assuming that:

"Yes Mas-" She catches herself mid word, "Master."

Is an error and should use the first 3 letters of your name, as for the issue people have been mentioning with not being able to open it. I'd assume they are using the app, which doesn't support your html as is.

EDIT: You also need to proofread a little more or have it checked, there's typoes like:

"That was delicious, than you," (should be "thank you.")

In the supper and elsewhere.

Thank you for the feedback.  The game is in a state of constant improvement, and I have a new version I should get posted here soon that addresses much of what you just mentioned.

This should not be the case.  There's been an  issue with people trying to open rar files recently, perhaps that is the issue?  

You can learn more about it here:  https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-files/winrar-extract...

If that is NOT the issue you are having then let me know and we'll see about figuring out what exactly is going on.

no i dont think that that is the problem as Itch itself tells me there is not .EXE file included, not WinRAR

No, there is no exe file.  The game is a HTML file that opens in your browser.  Simply double click the HTML to open.

i see, you got a different download link for the game? becase the itch one (obviously) doesnt work

I actually just downloaded the versions here on itch and everything runs for me.  Just double click the html and it opens right up in the browser.  

The free version can be found here:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/inheritance-a6-16907383

If you paid for the game, itch gives me some information about sales.  If you can give me the date you paid for the game I can look up using the date (Sold three copies this last week, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out which one is you if you've got a date).    I should then be able to email a copy to you directly.

you clicked the download button? cuz there are no other links on the itch page to dowload the game.

if its on Patreon, maybe include a link to it on the game's page here?

also, no i haven't payed for it

I purchased the link posted on itch but it isn't working properly for me I have tried to re download and open it in different places, the game gives me problems to play and the images wont load (any of them). 

Have you contacted itch.io about the inability to download?  They're the ones hosting the file here.

On a side note, if you're having trouble, drop me a message over on our Discord where we can talk through private message.  I'll see to it that you get a working copy of the game one way or another.


Just sending a followup.  I didn't hear back from you after my previous reply.  Hoping that you got the issue resolved, and if not you can message me any time and we'll try to get you sorted.

when i try to download the game, it tells me there's no executable file included so you cant run the game. i'd suggest that be fixed, lol


New build is up.  Quite a bit of new content has been added since the last version I uploaded over here.  

You can keep up with all of the latest progress on my Patreon page.  New related posts are always free.

This game has been in production for about a year now.  Much of that time has been spent putting together the framework that makes everything work.  The game has only recently started to see regular updates as it has reached a point where we can add content to the game.

At the time of this post the game includes the following:

Full interactive intro.

Navigation of the mansion itself.

Roughly 150 minor scenes, many of which are affected by time of day, job assignments, and relationship values.

As of A4 there are 8 interactive scenes that can trigger that depend on relationship, time of day, job assignments, etc.

A meal system that will be expanded upon as the game grows.

A punishment system that will be expanded upon as the game grows.

A sleep mechanic which includes a host of scenes affected by time of day and sleeping arrangements.

An eavesdropping mechanic who's scenes are affected by relationship values and time of day.

An interactive sex mechanic with three positions currently available (Oral receive, Missionary, and Doggystyle) with plans to add several more and to expand on what is already there.

The ability to take a shower.

Most of the game's current content is focused on the older sister, Anna, but we're now shifting our attention towards adding content for Eve to hopefully catch her up to where her sister is as far as playable content.