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"You play the part of a washed up ex-detective, living your life one bottle at a time until your old partner and estranged friend comes knocking.  His son has gone missing, the police wont pursue the case, and he's run out of leads, so he comes looking to call in an old favor. 

You hear him out, even if you have no intention of helping him out.  But then he offers you the only clue he has to the whereabouts of his son.  A hand written letter with a return address of Wanton Cove, the very name of which dregs up memories of the last horrible case you worked, a case that was never solved."

This is a NSFW game that includes graphic depictions of both sex and violence.    Hope that you all enjoy!

Version 1.0 released 1/20/18

1.0 Marks the completion of the primary story through the game, however keep your eyes pealed for future updates as I want to make some improvements to the existing game, and to tell several side stories within the setting as well.

Published Dec 08, 2017
StatusIn development
Release date Dec 08, 2017
Made withTwine
TagsHorror, lovecraftian, Noir, nsfw, Text based, Twine
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Development log


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Today we bring to you a new build of our infamous The Allure of Wanton Cove.

The Allure of Wanton Cove is a dark tale of horror in the vein of HP Lovecraft and drawing from the same mythos.  

You take on the part of a washed up former detective who could never  let go of the last terrible case he worked.  Content to drink himself to  death, his former partner comes knocking, begging for help.  Help he is  loath to give, but when offered a tantalizing clue that could finally  unravel the case that plagues his every waking thought, he accepts,  having no idea that the truth he will find is infinitely more terrible  than what already haunts him.

Changelog 1.02

-New conversation added to Mr Morichi.

-Added four new ambient scenes on the main street through town.

-Added the rest of the first meeting with the Lebron sisters.

-Added first bit of followup content for the Lebron sisters.

-Added an indicator to fights to give players some idea of how much health they still have.

-Updated some case notes related to Vick.

-Updated some case notes related to Azumi's Origin.

-Updated some case notes about the Ruins.

-Resolved a host of spelling and grammar errors.

-Updated "Special Thanks" area with Patrons who pledged at the $10 and up levels.  2/13/18

-Added about 8k words of content to the game bringing the game's total size up to about 348k words of content.

The "Demo" version for free is actually the complete game.  The only difference between it and the pay version is the Cheat build of the game offers an in-game cheat menu which allows you to adjust stats at will, which in turn can make some content within the game easier to find.

Really nice work! I dig the atmosphere and aside from a few misspellings, I really like this. I do suggest though to put somewhere in the description that it's a Twine game. Super well done, though!

Very happy to hear you're enjoying the game!  If you know of any specific places where misspellings are, let me know and I'll make a point of running them down when I get the chance.

As for labeling the game as "twine" that actually appears in the tag cloud.  ;)

New build is up for anyone who is interested!